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Quotes about care

Jim George
God cares about those in need, and so should His people.
Beautiful feelings soar freely, while true care roots deeply. Real love can only be defined by them both.
… For everything precious and pure coming in our lives should be treated likewise.
Wally Lamb
People walk in the door because they need you to take care of them -- to feed them or fix them.
Elizabeth George
A powerful truth is that if we love the Lord, love His Word, love His people, and love one another, we won’t want to gossip.
Psyche Roxas-mendoza
Hate is a very strong, pure emotion to be wasted on people you don't care about.
Israelmore Ayivor
Develop accommodating values and habits. People are scared away from you when you have a value system and habitual actions that accommodate them comfortably.
Relations are by product of Money(mostly), keep your finances in line and rest all is taken care" This is a fact, which would be rarely accepted by people, but inside everyone knows that...Those who've not yet experienced it would still say, money cannot buy love, respect bla bla bla...
Donna Lynn Hope
Apathy. What’s hard to understand? They don’t care. Not until it affects them.
A.j. Darkholme
Far too many people allow broken egos and wounded prides to convince them to seek justice before they seek understanding.