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Philip Pullman
I don't like rats any more than the next bloke, but they ain't wicked and cruel like people can be. They're just ratty in their habits.
Envy of other people shows how they are unhappy. Their continual attention to others behavior shows how they are boring.
Husam Wafaei
If you can give the wisdom of life to a child; teach to love all regardless of what they believe in, that life is a precious gift to all, judgments of hell and heaven are manmade concept and that every one's purpose in life is to serve Humanity at large...
Husam Wafaei
Every morning I wake up to have the same hope, that mankind had survived its own greed, its own desire to self-destruct, its own monopoly to destroy the environment regardless of the consequences, its own religious and ideological dogma that kept it in turmoil since inception….I listen to the morning news to find out that nothing had changed, and realize more certainly that we are living on a barrowed time, and sometime in the future, if we wake up there will be fewer and fewer of us who will wonder but never learn what went wrong….this is human history, keep repeating itself in destruction, greed and chaos, at the best of times it is organized chaos….and at the worst of time it is mayhem, all to serve the few….who leaves crumbs for us to continue the cycle…
Husam Wafaei
my advice is; Let’s join the caravan of humanity, and ally ourselves with a conscious progress, let’s join the secular non-sectarian societies, lets distant ourselves from military tradition, and join the human race in benefiting humanity as a whole, let’s heal our environment, and adapt social justices, that will empower the poor and the oppressed to gain his or her fundamental human rights, let’s find mercy and compassion in our souls without reference to any religious fanaticism or national extremism…if we could do that, only then we can begin the return journey back to civilization….
Lailah Gifty Akita
May we unite in our diverse pursuits to create a peaceful world.
Federico Chini
Remorse shows the difference between a cruel person and one that is not.
Eraldo Banovac
Evaluating people is quite difficult. In order to properly evaluate a man, we should have a chance to observe his behavior when he has nothing, and when he has everything.
Philip Roth
I was still too much of a fledgling with people to understand that, in the long run, nobody is a picnic and that I was no picnic myself.
Steven Magee
The USA utility power generation industry subcontracts out their dangerous jobs so that the bad statisitics will not be associated with them. Smart people avoid working for the subcontractors. I have worked directly for a number of subcontractors and overseen subcontractors and their staff were clearly sick, showing behavioral problems and overworked. In some cases they were blatantly breaking OSHA laws. OSHA covers it all up! Unfortunately, the problems can be traced back to OSHA and their wilful lack of enforcement of the law.