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Science Quotes

Mark Lynas
For a brief review of our history to date shows us in a very singular role:that of serial killers.
Mark Lynas
Modern Humans have at least dealt out death fairly: We began our existence by killing each other.
Christopher Nolan
We used to look up at the sky and wonder at our place in the stars, now we just look down and worry about our place in the dirt. —Cooper, Interstellar
W Quint , Manuel Vogel
The measured magnetic moment, together with fine structure constant determined by a different method, is the most stringent test of QED and the Standard Model of particle physics. The measured magnetic moment and QED theory together yield the most precise measured value of the fine structure constant.
Malcolm Jeeves
With respect to human nature, we believe that the idea of God's image implies relationship and not any characteristic that would have left a mark in the paleoanthropological record.
Carl Sagan
El universo no fue hecho a medida del hombre; tampoco le es hostil: es indiferente.
Napoléon Bonaparte
Men of learning in Milan have not enjoyed proper respect. They hid themselves in their laboratories and thought themselves lucky if . . . priests left them alone. All is changed today. Thought in Italy is free. Inquisition, intolerance, despots have vanished. I invite scholars to meet and propose what must be done to give science and the arts a new flowering.
Sarah Waring
The honeybee, Apis mellifera, is a species on the cusp of culture and nature … If we’re to seriously improve honeybee health and with it our own wellbeing, we need to make the most of this timely opportunity to realise a more interconnected approach to agriculture and ecology.
Friedrich Engels
...in pure mathematics the mind deal only with its own creations and imaginations. The concepts of number and form have not been derived from any source other than the world of reality. The ten fingers on which men learned to count, that is, to carry out the first arithmetical operation, may be anything else, but they are certainly not only objects that can be counted, but also the ability to exclude all properties of the objects considered other than their number-and this ability is the product of a long historical evolution based on experience. Like the idea of number, so the idea of form is derived exclusively from the external world, and does not arise in the mind as a product of pure thought.
Malcolm Jeeves
In a scientific age, the challenge for the believer is to recognize God’s divine upholding of the overall visible process.