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Humor Quotes

Patricia C. Wrede
Lord Daner isn't my boyfriend," Eleret said, annoyed. She'd let it go by once, but after two mentions, she had to correct him. Karvonen would drive her crazy if he kept referring to Daner that way. "Huh." Karvonen pursed his lips skeptically. "I'll bet it's not because he didn't try." "You'd lose." "Then Daner's an idiot," Karvonen said with feeling.
Gerry Geek
Manager! Have brain - use it!
Dave Gorman
We could end up with the world's first Mr and Mrs Dave and Dave Gorman-Gorman!
Subhasis Das
Avoid watching porn, it increases expectations like UK clients
Benny Bellamacina
If you’re given a dirty look, wash it and give it back.
Christopher Brookmyre
They both looked younger than him, as well as taller, better built and undoubtedly more schooled in the noble art of punching fuck out of people. Nonetheless, younger doesn't necessarily mean faster or fitter, and Parlabane was highly schooled in the arguably less noble art of running away.
E.m. Forster
One may as well begin with Helen's letters to her sister.
Rahul Bodkhe
It is observed that Failed people can give a successful talk on hardwork.
Athan Fletcher
Where death gives you a sense of humour, life gives you a sense of love.
Athan Fletcher
Whilst my god is known for his sense of humour, I don't think it extends as far as to save us from death just to kill us as soon as we wake up.