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Freedom Quotes

Dr Paul Gitwaza
Your worship is proportional to your communion with God and how you are free with Him.
David Bentley Hart
To say that God elects to fashion rational creatures in his image, and so grants them the freedom to bind themselves and the greater physical order to another master - to say that he who sealed up the doors of the sea might permit them to be opened again by another, more reckless hand - is not to say that God's ultimate design for his creatures can be thwarted. It is to acknowledge, however, that his will can be resisted by a real and (by his grace) autonomous force of defiance, or can be hidden from us by the history of cosmic corruption, and that the final realization of the good he intends in all things has the form (not simply as a dramatic fiction, for our edification or his glory, nor simply as a paedogogical device on his part, but in truth) of a divine victory.
Valentina Bellettini
Il rischio di perdere quella ragazza per sempre, aveva scalfito quella dura corazza dal suo cuore; forse stava nascendo qualcosa di nuovo nella natura dei draghi, perché lui si sentiva dipendere da Eleonora. Aveva perso la propria libertà. «Ma la libertà, e anche poter scegliere di essere diverso», si rispose.
Amaka Imani Nkosazana
A woman who's self confident doesn't need to compete with other females. She knows her worth and lives a purpose filled life.
Thomas Carlyle
Venerable to me is the hard hand; crooked & coarse; wherein notwithstanding lies a cunning virtue indefeasibly royal as the Scepter of this Planet. Hardly entreated Brother! For us was thy way so bent, for us were thy straight limb & fingers so deformed; thou wert our Conscript on whom the lot fell, & fighting our battles wert so marred. For in thee too lay a God-created Form, but it is not unfolded. Encrusted must it stand with the thick adhesions & defacements of labor, & thy body, thy soul, was no to know Freedom.
Suman Pokhrel
Life’s mystery continued to trouble me A question came to my mind, is freedom dearer than life? or does it become easier to live when life becomes difficult?
Narissa Doumani
Where life used to feel overcrowded, it now feels boundless as the sky. Where I used to feel shackled, I am now free to dance.
Marty Rubin
One writes primarily to free oneself from oneself.
Rajendra Ojha
Sometime excess pain that we experience may be best reason for birth of our talent and sometime our excess talent may be best reason for our pain. Think about it.
Marty Rubin
We must act to free our minds, not think.