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Faith Quotes

Mehmet Murat Ildan
Are you a spiritual teacher? Then first thing you must teach to people is that there is no spirit, there is only mind and body and your mind is also a part of your body!
Stacy Snapp Killian Aka Stacyk
Everyone has scars. Moses has scars. Elijah has scars. Jesus has scars. And, I have scars, that's what I call motivation.
Judas Iscariot The Flight Of The Feathered Serpent
The only thing that really matters is to be. Man is; the rest that he has is by addition.
Michael Bassey Johnson
Bring forth a spiritual idea that will never fade.
Courtland Kusmierz
The Rainbow starts in your Heart!
Handi Priyono
I'll find my own way, when I was no longer able to survive. and when I knew that's where I can get up turning point
Gregor Reti
Where Eckhart Tolle meets Jack Kerouac meets Buddha. A free consciousness expanding book to kill Ego, sexual boredom & lack of excitement in life.
Joey Lawsin
Reality is reality when it exists inside and outside the mind.
Mohit Parikh
Puberty corrupts - that’s a fact, and it corrupts without consent – that’s the concern.
Marianne Williamson (author)
there will be no peace in the world until there is peace in our hearts